About Us

At Algemy we are working to unlock the green power of microalgae. We are on a mission to:

  • Develop, license and integrate unique patented processes for optimal valorisation of microalgae.
  • Ensure ingredients are aligned with market needs through intense customer development and partnering with early adopters.
  • Objectively measure the environmental sustainability and the health promoting effects of the ingredients.
  • To become a trusted supplier of natural, sustainable and healthy ingredients from microalgae.


The company is led by a unique combination of experts in microalgae R&D and product development, business strategy, nutrition, environmental sustainability, public and private funding and IP protection.

Algemy is being incubated by Inlecom, a Pan European Group with over 100 staff and first-class expertise in innovation who participates in 45 EU collaborative research projects. The Inlecom Commercial Pathways branch advises Algemy based on their expertise in IP protection, commercialisation strategy and project management.