Microalgae are a superfood. They contain many high quality essential nutrients and are a great source of protein in high concentrations. They have all the essential amino acids, polyunsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids, essential vitamins such as B vitamins (which are often lacking in vegan diets), minerals and even compounds such as natural taurine. What hasn't made them attractive to eat so far? Well, the taste and the format. And that's the frontier Algemy is breaking down.

There are some components of microalgae that give it intense colour and flavour, such as chlorophylls, lipids and other volatile compounds. At Algemy's production plants, once we have cultivated and harvested our algae with the right properties, we mechanically extract a protein concentrate, which we then dry to obtain a powder format.

Once the protein fraction has been concentrated and separated, we can work on formulations that will lead to a result similar to the more conventional formats of the meat and dairy industry, with a vegan product that tastes good, is healthy, organic and has a much lower water and carbon footprint.

What about the rest of their components? Well, because they have a huge amount of bioactives that give them incalculable nutritional value, they become food supplements, cosmetics or plant biostimulants.

Microalgae lack shelter and structure to protect themselves from adverse weather conditions. In addition, they thrive by capturing light energy. All this means they are exposed to high radiation and oxidising environments that, like us, harm them. So how do they protect themselves? Their secret is one of the wonders of the organic world: they have generated an extremely effective cellular healing mechanism based on a set of synergistic active molecules that they synthesise on their own. To make it more graphic, imagine these microalgae as small capsules loaded with active metabolites.

These active molecules include antioxidant, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory pigments and oils, hydrating and moisturising polysaccharides, bioactive peptides, and other compounds capable of absorbing ultraviolet light. We don't need to tell you what benefits all this has for our skin.

At Algemy, we work to translate the efficient natural healing mechanisms of microalgae into truly active and effective personal care formulas.

Microalgae are the origin of the earth's great explosion of biodiversity and are the predecessors of plants. Therefore, they have, logically, the ability to produce compounds that enhance plant growth.

Some of their amino acids, hormones, peptides and oligo- and polysaccharides are highly effective plant biostimulants. At Algemy, we work with renowned research centres to develop the best plant biostimulants from the residues of protein extraction and active ingredients.

In this way, microalgae not only produce environmentally friendly ingredients, but can help other crops have a lower environmental impact. Plant biostimulants promote plant growth by improving nutrient uptake, root development and overall plant health. By enhancing the plant's natural processes, they reduce the need for synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and help the plant resist various environmental stressors such as droughts, heat and diseases.

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INNOAQUA’s main objective is to pave the path towards the upcoming sustainable and diversified EU in-land aquaculture industry by leaning on the demonstration and mainstreaming of innovative algae-based foods and solutions and ecology, circularity and digitalization concepts.

Algemy leads the development of innovative food ingredients and products from microalgae. Algemy also studies consumer perception and social norms and their effect on consumption of innovative seafood products.

Funded by the European Union under grant agreement number 101084383.


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Project: “Cascade extraction of a new generation of natural ingredients that unlocks the enormous potential of microalgae as a source of alternative proteins”.

The main objective is to develop a cascade extraction process to obtain ingredients with high added value from microalgae that together allow optimal valuation of the microalgae.