Microalgae are at the origin of life and were responsible for the “boom” in biodiversity. They are all-purpose and a source of highly concentrated protein of the highest quality. They contain all essential amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They are able to nourish themselves and protect themselves from radiation. In addition, they are sustainably grown. They are a superfood and an invaluable source of bioactives.


About 2.4 billion years ago something happened on Earth that changed everything. Or, rather, that started it all. When the atmosphere was still composed mainly of carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour, a group of cyanobacteria, precursors of microalgae, were able to start generating oxygen. These primordial, self-sufficient lives were the first link in the evolution towards life as we know it today. They invented photosynthesis, injecting oxygen into the atmosphere and enabling the generation of the ozone layer. By entering into symbiosis with other cells, they gave rise to microalgae that colonised all environments (marine, freshwater, terrestrial) and became the basis for feeding more complex life, thus causing a "boom" in biodiversity. They are therefore the most revolutionary invention on the planet, capable of condensing carbon, producing oxygen and feeding life on Earth.

Inhale, and do so with the awareness that, if today you can, it is thanks to microalgae. They were the origin of our wonderful planet, which is sustained by delicate balances that today are in danger of breaking down. It is time to act.

If we refer to the planet, it is impossible to speak of the absence of life. Even in the most arid part of the Sahara desert, you can find a tapestry of cyanobacteria, which indicates that the "origin" we have been talking about could be constantly repeating itself. In other words: we cannot wipe out life on Earth, because it is stronger than humanity. But we are expendable: every unsustainable behaviour is a self-boycott.

When we think of pollution or unsustainable activities, energy, transport or plastics quickly come to mind. However, the way we eat has a huge impact on our planet. It is very likely that the largest source of protein in your diet comes from animal sources. This is true for most of us. However, increasing population and per capita meat consumption have made animal protein, as the main source of protein, unsustainable. The number of animals slaughtered annually has increased tenfold since the 1960s. 16% of greenhouse gases come from the animal feed industry and 75% of agricultural land and more than 50% of drinking water is used to grow food for animals for human consumption.

Meat has always been in our food pyramid, but now we have broken the balance. A balance that, in reality, was not so easy to break. The time has come to find alternatives and restore that balance.

As in Campbell's "hero's journey", after hard trials and facing this serious problem, we will only have to return to the origin, but now with the elixir in our hands.

And, by now, you can imagine what that elixir of life is...

Microalgae have almost no structure, they are all function. They contain up to 70% of their weight in top quality proteins (with all the existing amino acids) and high concentrations of vitamins, proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. They are, therefore, a complete and healthy superfood. Furthermore, microalgae are 100% autonomous: not only do they generate their own food, but they are also capable of creating protective, healing and regenerative mechanisms, and are therefore full of bioactive ingredients.

Also, the cultivation and extraction process of microalgae is fast, economical and environmentally friendly: no pesticides or antibiotics are needed, they capture CO2 and, depending on the process chosen, require minimal amounts of fresh water.

Now that you know this elixir exists, come and meet us, we are working to ensure it also covers your needs