The gReen pOwer of mIcroAlgae

Algemy: A trusted Supplier of nAtural ingrEdients from microAlgae

The Future is SustAinable, heAltHy And DeliCious

Unique patEnted Processes for Optimal vAlorisation of microAlgae

Our planet needs less Greenhouse Gases, less dirty water and to recover biodiversity to continue being a wonderful place to live in. Our vision in Algemy is to develop a sustainable, healthy, economically viable and delicious protein that can be scaled-up to meet those planet’s needs. To do so we trust in microalgae, and we are on a mission to unleash their full potential! 


mAcro gAins,
miCro fooTpriNt

Microalgae are known for their rapid growth rate. They can also convert sunlight into biomass very effectively, resulting in a much higher photosynthetic yield than terrestrial plants. They are grown in water and accept a variety of conditions, from open-air ponds to closed reactors, so they do not cause erosion or soil degradation. In addition, they do not require the use of pesticides.

But not only do they prevent damage, they also bring direct benefits. Because they absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide during their growth, they can help mitigate climate change. And because they are more resilient to adverse climate effects, they are an ideal source of food security.


thE fuTure for diffErent seCtors

The consumption patterns of recent decades have led to an eco-social imbalance. Microalgae, as a sustainable and inexhaustible source of functional and active ingredients, will play a leading role in restoring the balance in important sectors such as food, cosmetics and plant care.

We are confident that microalgae-based ingredients will eventually become ubiquitous and a viable solution for a wide range of industries that need maximum efficiency with minimum footprint.

Microalgae will revolutionise food, reinvent cosmetics, empower natural plant growth, and… allow the planet to breathe.